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EyeSpyPro.com is a leading supplier of cutting edge spy gear & video surveillance solutions. Protect your loved ones, your home, your business, and even yourself,
and finally get the peace of mind you deserve.


Our ability to source thousands and thousands of different products in the spy gear, vehicle tracking, computer and phone monitoring, and video surveillance arena means we are not married to one solution that we force to fit your needs. We take into consideration all of the specific needs of your unique situation, select the right products, then stop the bleeding.

If you are tired of laying awake at night praying the problem will go away, which it wont, and are ready to become pain free, then pick up the phone right now and call 1-949-791-7904 and talk to one of our experienced advisors.

We specialize in Car Cams, Solar Powered Cellular Cameras, Mobile Video Recorders, Remote Location Video Surveillance, Nanny Cams, GPS tracking devices, computer monitoring, IP Cameras, network video recorders, bug detectors and hidden camera detectors, and telephone security products.

So, What's Your Pain?

Actual client testimonials:

"Thanks Chris! We really love this camera (AVTech AVM561 WDR 2MP IR Bullet Network Camera With 180ft Night Vision). So easy to set up. Extremely clear and powerful zoom. Our plant gate is over 300ft away from where we had to install the camera but with that powerful high def. zoom we now finally have a visual on our gate so we can actually see who is buzzing at the gate to come in. Everything was plug and play, we have 4 monitors connected to the DVR so we can have 4 people watching the gate in 4 different offices. We saved over $20,000 installing this system ourselves vs what the contractors wanted. Excellent phone support from you helped tremendously also!

Thanks again,

Tony Sikes
Antioch, TN

"I wanted to let you that with the installation of The VersaCam LiveView Super IR Weatherproof Camera night vision/DVR combo we ordered from you we now feel more secure in our home. There had been some break-ins in recent weeks in our neighborhood. With this system we are able to monitor any activity outside of our home at night while we sleep and when we are not at home.

Thank you"

George Gray
Bloomington, IN

"I have purchased quite a few products from Eyespypro and I have to say that they are some of the coolest and most high tech products around!.....There is a lot of low quality merchandise floating around on the Internet but it is obvious Chris has taken the time to only carry the best quality and highest tech toys. I own a video production company in New York so I have an eye for quality and the mini pen cams, watches and camsticks produce incredible results in a package that can easily be concealed. I will continue to buy from Eyespy as I have come to expect outstanding products backed by oustanding personal service"


The Greer, SC Police Department has been one of our first customers and gladly recorded this testimonial for EyeSpyPro:

Here is a video testimonial from Michael Carter, who EyeSpyPro was able to help solve a probem with a covert spy pen:

"Recently, we purchased the Camball sg-31 to monitor our summer cabin. We had some activity going on and needed to monitor the situation. The Camball was the solution to our problem. This little device worked extremely well. We also purchased the survillance pack and we did not have to worry about the battery running down on the Camball.

Chris from eyespypro.com answered our questions very quickly. Chris was always available and easy to reach both before and after the purchase. It is so nice to call a company and be able to talk with a real person and not get an automated service. Chris has gone above and beyond with our purchase. Thanks again. Wonderful little device.

Anonymous, MN

UPDATE: On 8.23.10 we received this update:

"We purchased the Camball from you and have been monitoring our lake cabin. as we believe a nasty neighbor was trespassing on our property when we were not around. Well, guess what!! The Camball caught him, driving his van, bold as you please around our U shaped driveway!! Now we have the proof. We burned it to a DVD, however, the DVD does not play in our DVD player. How can I present the evidence to the authorities? I want to press charges against this guy with the proof. We are using the computer to review our files and find the KMP player compatible with Camballs files. Any help is appreciated. Also is there anyway to zoom in on a face or person in a picture as 2 other people are utilizing our property when we are not around and are unable to see them clearly d/t distance. Camball was a sucess. We can not be more pleased with the little device as this guy is weird and confirmed all along what he is up to!!"

"We ordered an IR Video Watch and a Video/ Audio Bluetooth from your company. We received your Items and they are GREAT! The quality of video, low light situations, clear audio … it’s a narcotics detective every dream.

Your staff and team were helpful and insightful in helping choose exactly what I needed and what would do what I needed it to do in the right situations.

Thank you again for all of your help and for your knowledge of your equipment you sell. Some places have no idea what their gear can or will do, your staff is spot on with what their gear can do and produce.

I look forward to my next order of goodies from eyespypro.com"

Detective Anthony R Thomas
Maysville Police Department

"After purchasing the Touch Lamp hidden camera, at some point everyone living with me has helped themselves to things I have bought. Little issues not worth creating a stink about. And I have watched them do it. I save the videos for the future and here is why.

The person who I caught and put on the street 4 months ago when you sent me the lamp back, filed a criminal report against me at the court here. He tried to say I stole from him and he said I robbed him of a laptop and 500 dollars. The court informed me of the case and invited me in to do their investigation. I went, no problem.

I showed them the videos of him robbing me and I have never heard another word about it. I assume they told him if he wished to pursue his case against me which was lies. Then he would be the one going to jail. Costa Rica!!!

I love it here but it has its cultural differences. It was good to hear from you again. Have a great day.

Neil B.
Costa Rica

"Just received the camera today! Looks great! Thank you for the fast shipping time as well as the excellent customer service! I plan on doing business with you guys in the future! Keep it up!"

L. Harris
Tacoma, WA

"I am a private investigator, and when I was first starting out, I was looking for good quality spy gear to meet my budget. I found EyeSpyPro.com early 2010, and started ordering Passive GPS Loggers, which save me a ton of time and money since I no longer have to perform actual surveillance on a suspect. I can see where someone goes, at what speed, and how long they stayed there, which helps me gather the evidence I need.

As my firm grew, I started ordering more and more sophisticated spy gear from EyeSpyPro, like spy cameras or covert audio recorders that was always high quality, and did the job they said it would. This has allowed me to increase my fees, resulting in more profit and growth. I thoroughly enjoy talking to Chris Winkler on the phone, and even though he is hundreds of miles away, it feels like he is right there. He is always able to suggest what will work for what I am trying to do, and I refuse to give my business to any other company. EyeSpyPro.com has earned my business for life, and they are the first company that I think of when I need a new spy gadget or GPS tracker. Thanks, and I'll be ordering from you again!"

Elizabeth Lien
Scout Investigations
Rapid City, SD

"I got the DVR and cameras all ok, I've had a quick test and it looks great so far. It'll be a few weeks before it's installed but just had to say thanks for a trouble free transaction. Also big thanks for shipping it without incurring import duties for me! That $1,000 limit is a pest. Anyway I'll probably be buying some more cameras in the future as ours are getting old so I'll be in touch."

Ben Dawson
Golden Eggs
Palmyra Australia

"That camera is possibly the best purchase I’ve ever made (I’m having ex-wife problems).
It’s amazing how quickly people can change their story when faced with themselves on video!"

Andrew B.
North Carolina

Update: "So I went to BestBuy and got a new SDcard and USB reader. I found that the original USB reader had failed. Dont know why, but it would not read the card. The new one I got from BestBuy works fine as dones the new SDcard.

I love my CCam and having it recording my drive. Its a great thing to have in a Dodge Charger."

Steve H.
Grapevine, TX

"FYI, I did a lot of online research/comparing, and it seemed like you were the best person to do business with, based upon how you personalize your website, and also based upon what existing clients have said about you. I appreciate your responsiveness and how helpful you've been. I know that I made the right choice in going with your company, and I'm really psyched to get the camera! I think you're in California also, so I'm hoping that I'll get it this week or by the weekend."
Thanks again!"

John O'Shea
Walnut Creek, CA

"Golden Egg Farms is in the chicken egg business and operates a number of sites - hatchery, chicken farms and packing facilities in Western Australia.

The first couple of HIK DVRs we bought from you were just to replace a mish mash of other DVRs installed by local security companies. We standardised on HIK so all sites can be accessed within the same software app. Having an iphone app is also very handy.

This order is to setup new cameras at a remote site where young chicks are raised, plus add a few cameras at another site where they lay eggs.

The cameras are useful for security - if an alarm goes off we can login remotely and see if anything is happening. But most of the benefit is from monitoring the factory so if an accident or some incident occurs we have a visual record. Eg, accidents such as forklift crashes, checking truck arrival/departures, verifying what was loaded onto a truck vs the paperwork, and we can visually confirm stock at a remote warehouse.

The reason I buy from you is that local suppliers are too expensive - they charge around double the price of what I can buy from the USA directly. Also you have a much larger range to choose from and the website is easy to use."

Ben Dawson
Golden Egg Farms

"I’m having a really good experience with the Pro-Pocket 500 Flash DVR – it’s working out great for recording high res. footage with our underwater camera. Our first video is up at our site and YouTube if you are interested:
Anyway, the reason for getting in touch is that I’m considering buying the external battery pack for the ‘500’, but unfortunately deleted the on-line coupon you sent me. Can I have another please (!)."
Patrick Mills, Ph.D.
President, Biosource Baits Inc.

"The product (Sleuthgear Recluse) is amazing (perfect actually) and Tech Support has been very helpful."

Sincerest Thanks,

"I recommend using Eyespypro for your business needs. I have worked with Chris Winkler for the past 3 years and have always been satisfied with the level of customer service that he and his company provide. Eyespypro has the most competitive pricing and is very prompt in providing quotes and assisting you in product solutions that will work best for you company."

Jodi Krause
ForceX, Inc.
Clarksville, TN

“Thanks Chris for helping our organization identify the needs of a camera and making the appropriate recommendations. The cameras are working as intended and are easy to use. We will certainly contact you again for our future surveillance needs”


Troy W.
Marshfield Fire & Rescue Department
Marshfield, WI

"Thanks for your patience and help. All is working well. I'll be in touch in the future when I need more equipment. Thanks again."

Dr. Larry H.

"So far I am totally impressed with your service, You respond as soon as I do. Just hope your product as as good as you say it is. From what you say on the website I believe you. I read your one complaint on BBS. And I chose you totally you had a good come back. You refunded his money, what more could he want? I will give you a 100% perfect review so far. :)"

J. Peterson
Tishomingo, Oklahoma

"Thanks so much! That software download seemed to install successfully and the software is now loading when open the recmanager file. hopefully this fixed the problem. Thank you for your prompt response! you have always been very good to work with.

With appreciation."

Rob H.
Boston, MA

"Wanted to thank you for your exceptional customer service. The 8 channel vehicle camera system arrived yesterday and I was able to set it up in no time on a test bench, then last night started to run all the cables within my vehicle. Thanks again!"

Kevin J
South Jordan, UT

If you aren't sure what camera or system would best fit your exact needs, we will help you with that too. Sometimes, it's much easier for you to call us about your situation, and we will give you our opinion as to the best solution to fit your needs. Just call us @ 949-791-7904.

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